Are you looking for a unique addition to an upcoming event or party? Why not a custom tea, blended just for you?

The perfect thing for weddings, showers, or themed events. Whatever you love, we can blend something to evoke that feeling in a cup.

Examples of custom blends:

  • A blend featuring teas from a couple's favourite travel destinations
  • A blend for a bride's favourite book
  • A blend representing a couple's heritage, or two backgrounds coming together
  • A favourite type of tea blended with favourite flowers or fruits

Services we can provide:

  • A free consultation about your event and what kind of tea we can blend for you, how it can be presented, etc.
  • Samples of various blends to help you pick the perfect tea for your needs
  • Loose leaf tea (can be prepared to be served however your event requires)
  • Teabags, including custom tea tags
  • Custom gift/favour bags/boxes

Get in touch to see what we can blend up for you!